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The Food Safety Alliance Answers Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is there a large capital cost to switch to Food Safety Alliance?

No there is no need for any capital cost with our flexible no charge loan agreements. Prefer to purchase the equipment? FSA buys and sells equipment at a much lower cost than customers are used to seeing. We also offer financing.

2) Are your products approved to be used in a federally inspected plant?

Yes, all our products are CFIA-approved.

3) Are your products approved to be used in organic food plants?

Yes, we carry special products specifically designed for organic food plants.

4) How often do you visit?

As often as you need. During start-up we will be there daily to ensure sanitation, QA, maintenance and management are comfortable with the products and the systems. After that we will visit on a pre-determined schedule. We are always available 24/7 for emergencies or breakdowns.

5) Do you make your customers sign contracts?

No, we believe we should earn your business every day. Contracts can lead to people feeling forced to choose a vendor. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy.

6) Can FSA help me with my SSOPs, HACCP, and master sanitation schedule?

Yes, FSA can assist you in updating or writing new SSOPs, modifying your HACCP plan, and changing or writing a master sanitation schedule.

7) Does FSA write HACCP plans?

We do not, but we work closely with several companies that can assist you. We would be happy to pass along their contact information.

8) Does FSA provide contract cleaning?

We do not offer contract cleaning service but have several contract cleaners as customers and can introduce you to them.

9) What sizes of packaging does FSA offer?

We offer 20 L pails, 208 L drums, 1,000 L totes and small to large bulk systems (2,500 L – 10,000 L).

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