Our singular focus
is food safety.

When there are changes in the industry, whether it’s new regulations or customer demands, you can count on us to assess the impact on your business and advise you accordingly. From researching and developing new formulations, to making more effective applications, and finding ways to reduce production costs, we’re here to help you ensure your product is always safe.


Our pathogen control systems⏤including proprietary chemical blends and state-of-the-art dilution and application equipment⏤combined with our unparalleled industry expertise mean your grow rooms are kept clean, sanitized, and free of bacteria or pathogens. Whether you prefer to fog, spray, foam, or flood, we have the solution for you.


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Food Safety Alliance has extensive experience in the food industry, and cannabis edibles are no different. You require a strong food safety program, including sanitation, and we’re here to help design, implement, and monitor those programs. Whether it’s gummies, chocolate, or baked goods, we have the solutions to ensure you deliver a safe product to your customer.


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